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Cancer Info National Cancer Institute

American Cancer Society

Oncolink - Cancer information for professionals and lay persons

Pub Med - free searches of US National Library of Medicine CancerNet - National Cancer Institute

CancerNet: PDQ - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database

Cancer Information and Support Network (Links)

Medscape Oncology Home Page (Registration free)

Steve Dunn's Cancer Guide

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

American Society of Clinical Oncology

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Source

Cancer Care

The Doctors Doctor - Interpret Pathology Reports (for a fee)

Cancer 411 - Cancer Information and Resources

FDA's Oncology Tools

The Brain Tumor Society

CancerEdge - Strategies for Survival

Find Cancer Experts

About Cancer (Diet)

Cancer Information Network

Cancer Survival Toolbox

Achoo - Gateway to Healthcare

Nature's Cancer Update

Nature Reviews Websites (links) - Online Action Against Cancer,1618,,00.html

ACCR - American Association for Cancer Research InteliHealth MD Anderson Cancer Survey

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Patients Advocate Foundation

HIPA Act. (Health Insurance Portablity Act).

Clinical Trial Search CancerWeb - excellent source of cancer clinical trial information

The National Cancer Institute's Clinical Trial Search Form

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service

Biospace Clinical Development Search (Pharm companies clinical trials) CBS Healthwatch Clinical Trials Search

nter.jsp Cancer Centers MD Anderson Sarcoma Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Mass General Hospital

Univ. of Michigan Cancer Center

Staten Island University Hospital - Radiation Oncology

Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility - Neutron Radiation

Loma Linda University - Proton Beam Radiation

Washington Cancer Institute

Cedars Sinai Cancer Center (California)

Columbia Presbyterian Cancer Center

Univ Washington Medical Center

Univ Washington Sarcoma Center

Travel Corprate Angel Network

Air Lifeline

Patient Travel (Formerly National Patient Air Transport)

Hospitality Program (Accomodations, Boston, MA)

Amschwand Foundation (Accomodations, Houston, TX)

Sarcoma Info U of Pennsylvania OncoLink Sarcoma Page

Sarcoma Alliance

Melanoma and Soft Tissue Sarcoma People- NL

Hope Circle - Home of the Sarcoma Fighters (SARCOMA list)

LMS and other Soft Tissue Sarcomas (good links) - Dr. Demetri's (Dana Farber CC) Site

Dr. Steve Fadem's Sarcoma Page (Doctor with Sarcoma)

Soft Tissue Sarcomas (good)

Sarcoma Foundation of America (new site)

WHO Histological Classification of Soft Tissue Tumours LMS LMS - Battle with a Rare Cancer

Don Miller's LMS Page

Ladonna Backmeyers Home Page

Bob Levin's LMS Page

Life Raft Group (GIST, STI571 Clinical Trial Participants)

LMS and Soft Tissue Tumors (good)

Surviving LMS - Kent Field


ACOR (Assoc of Cancer Online Resources) ACOR Home Page

ACOR Mailing Lists (To Search the Archives)

LMS Page at ACOR

ACOR's Cancerlinks

ACOR's Sarcoma Cancerlinks (good)

Drug Info NIH's Chemotherapy and You

Rx List - The Internet Drug Index (good)

Cancer Source Drug Guide

The Angiogenesis Foundation

Angiogenesis Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment: The Basics

m Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs

Needy Meds, Drug Assistance

The Medicine Program - Accessing Free Medication

Medscapes Drug Info

Access to Unapproved Drugs

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Pharmacology Databases

Drug Infonet

American Cancer Society's list of information about Cancer Drugs

ET-743 Sarcoma clinical trial story

Research Research - Anything !

Quackwatch - Guide to Health Fraud

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (good)

Office of Rare Diseases

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford (CAMPS)

How Stuff Works

Nutritional Research

On-line Science and Medical Dictionaries


What is Angiogenesis?

Developing Cancer Therapies

Radiation Cancernet's Radiation Therapy and You

Staten Island, NY University Hospital.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - This is neutron beam radiation.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, affiliated with Dana Farber Cancer Center. They have proton beam radiation. This is a link to the brain tumor info.

Loma Linda, CA, University Medical Center. They use Proton Beam radio therapy. National Association for Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy Links Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory:

Northeast Proton Therapy Center:

LLUMC, California:

U of California, Davis:

Midwest Proton Radiation Institute:

National Association for Proton Therapy:

TRIUMF, Canada protons:

TRIUMF, Canada pions:

CPO, Orsay, France:

PSI, Switzerland:

Proton Oncological Therapy, Project of the ISS, Italy:

TERA foundation, Italy:

Catania, Italy:

GSI homepage:

The Svedborg Laboratory, Sweden:

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology:

ITEP, Moscow, Russia:

Tsukuba, Japan:

Tsukuba, Japan - new facility plans:

HIMAC, Chiba, Japan: (ENG case sensitive)

NAC, South Africa:

Chemosensitivity Testing Oncotech, INC

Weisenthal Cancer Group 714-894-0011 ( after 9 AM Pacific Time) NuOncology Labs,INC Impath,INC

Precision Therapeutics

Carl von Hess Hospital, Germany

Anticancer INC

Bath Cancer Research Unit, England

Human Tumor Clning Laboratory

Rational Therapeutics, INC

Anatomy Brain Anatomy

More Brain Anatomy Brain Functions and Map Info on Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

Disability Independence and Disability Equipment Classifieds (commercial)

Americans with Disabilities - Q&A

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security

Alternative Resperin's Essiac Tea site (also at Mother's Market)

Cancer Cure Foundation Cancer Information and Support - Doing More

Grieving Death and Dying

Resources for Kids with a parent with Cancer

Kids with Cancer

Dealing with Treatment 5 facts about Nausea and Vomiting

American Pain Society

Mayday Pain Resource Center

NCCN Pain Guidelines

Side Effects of Chemotherapy - Anemia

RFA sites and explanations Radio Frequency Ablation Websites

Spend some time here - see the series Another extensive site - from the NIH